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The Diplomat Club

Mens Private Gay Sauna and Bath House

Grand Rapids, MI USA




How old do I have to be to be a member of The Diplomat?


- You must be 18 years of age or older with a valid picture ID to become a member of The Diplomat.


What kind of ID should I bring? I do not live in the USA, will my drivers license be enough?


- Acceptable forms of ID include any government or military issue photo ID. A regional or international drivers license is acceptable if it is tamper proof and has a photograph. A passport will always work. All Member's will be ID on each visit.  You will not be allowed entrance without above mentioned proper ID.


Can I visit The Diplomat anonymously?


- We understand the need for anonymity. You must bring a valid ID, this is to ensure banned people stay out; all information is 100% secure and confidential. We do not retain customer information beyond your membership due date and name. If your membership is cancelled, your record is deleted!


Do you take credit cards?


Yes. We accept Cash, Visa, American Express,  Discover and MasterCard as forms of payment. No Checks.


How much does it cost to become a member of The Diplomat?


- Please see the "Pricing & Info" tab for pricing and membership information.


Does The Diplomat serve alcohol?


No. The Diplomat Club has a strict Zero Tolerance Policy for possession and use of alcohol or drugs and any illegal activity ie. Solicitation on our premises.  Violation of any of these Critical Rules will get you permanently banned.  And the proper authorities contacted if needed.




Can I sleep at The Diplomat?


Sleeping is permitted in private rooms.


Can I reserve a room in advance?


No. Room rentals are first come, first serve. They do sell out on busy nights (Friday / Saturday)




Can I share the cost of a dressing room with a friend?


No. Each member must purchase either a dressing room or locker rental upon each visit to the club.  Unless being offered as a promotion.

How long can I stay?

-Each pass is good for 8 hours. Passes can be renewed during or after your 8 hour stay. Pass time limits are enforced by staff.  Please don't make us track you down!  Thanks.

In The Upper Level can I bring friends?

The upper level is by room reserved to 1 or 2 people per room.  You may bring one guest up from the club.  There is a $39 upcharge for the second person in whatever room.

Is the Diplomat Club/ Upper Level Gender Fluid?

Yes.  The Diplomat Club/Upper level requires your ID only to verify age.  

Can you be naked In The Upper Level?

In your room yes, but not in the common/shared areas.

Check in and out times in The Upper Level?

Check in after 3pm and Check out by 11 am.



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