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Club Rules

  1. You are aware that The Diplomat Club is a Private Gay Sauna.  Your aware that nudity and adult videos  through out the club is common place at our club.

  2. You must be 18 years of age with a valid government ID and a Diplomat Club Membership and not be on our banned list.  All entering will be ID'd Nobody enters without a valid photo Govt. ID or Passport.  Helpful hint:  Take a picture of your valid ID and show us on your phone!   

  3. This is a Zero tolerance private club.  The possession, selling, use of , or solicitation of drugs,  or sex is strictly prohibited, and will result in immediate expulsion and notification to proper authorities.  If you see something say something to our staff.

  4.  Alcohol is not permitted on Club Level at anytime.  

  5.  No Luggage, No duffel bags and No oversized backpacks for security purposes. This is standard through out all North American Bathhouses and it's for Security and Safety. Your Drawstring shoulder bag is subject to search by staff before you will be permitted inside the club. No drug paraphernalia, weapons, or alcohol are allowed in the building.  Anyone refusing a bag search may be denied entry by our staff. If you require a lot of things to bring, look into renting one of our storage cubbies and store clothes and toys there.   

  6.  Persons suspected of being under the influence will be refused entry.  

  7.  You must along with your Membership rent a room or locker to store your clothes and items.  You can secure your locker or room with a provided key.

  8.  The Diplomat Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Do not bring valuables inside with you. 

  9.  Lockers and rooms are rented for a 8 hour period.  Visits Over 8 hours will incur additional charges. Visits are limited to 16 consecutive hours.  It is your responsibility to Check Out on Time!

  10.  Late and lost key fees are payable when incurred.  Lost key fee is $30.  Outstanding balances must be paid in full before reentry to Club.

  11. Loud, harmful, violent, disorderly, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior (including lack of consent) is prohibited.

  12. Smoking is allowed in the Outdoor Patio area only. Anyone smoking inside will be asked to leave.

  13. Causing damage to or tampering with club facilities or property is prohibited, cost of damages may be added to your account, and reentry pending complete payment for damages.

  14. Solicitation is strictly prohibited and will result in a Life time ban.

  15. Sleeping in public areas is prohibited.

  16. No photography or video taping in club or on property, these actions strictly prohibited.

  17.  The Diplomat Club will be held harmless for any actions between consenting adults in this facility or on its property.  Condoms are provided along with on Site testing and testing schedules provided by the Red Project of Grand Rapids, The Grand Rapids Pride Center and Kent Co. Health Dept.

  18. Use of our Hot Tub, Sauna and other Equipment including our Gym is at your own risk.  The Diplomat club in not liable for any loss, personal injury , or deaths.

  19. Please use discretion, everyone has the expectation of privacy at The Diplomat Club.

  20.  No Refunds are allowed to be made by staff. 

  21. The Diplomat Club reserves the right to refuse service without reason as a Private Club.

  22.  Respect each other! Be polite when saying "NO" and Respect No means No! Respect Gender Identity!

  23.  Our Wonderful staff is here to work! Respect them as they do their jobs. No touching Staff!

  24.  All Persons will be treated with Respect and Kindness, regardless of Gender, Race, Age, or Sexual Preferences.  Anyone not following this rule will be asked to leave the club. 

  25.  By entering the club you have agreed to abide by all of the above rules and regulations, posted here and upon entering the check in area.

The Diplomat Club

 Private Sauna and Bath House

Grand Rapids, MI USA

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